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Tree Removal Services

When you need tree removal service in the Cashiers NC area, Felix Tree Expert is a better choice than hiring a cheaper laborer or cutting a tree yourself. There are many risks in tree removal and doing it right requires tree service professionals who are trained using top-quality tree service equipment and safety procedures to reduce the risk of injury or damage to your home or landscape.

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Felix Tree Expert will come out to your home or business in the Cashiers NC area for free, to give a quote and survey your situation, which includes advising you when the tree should not be removed. Sometimes trimming the tree is a better solution, rather than removing the tree, as explained below.

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Reasons for Tree Trimming

Here are reasons for tree removal…

Things we consider are:

  • Is there significant trunk damage?
  • Is the tree hollow?
  • Is the tree lopsided and likely to fall anyway?
  • Is their new growth occurring?
  • Is the tree in the wrong environment? has the tree’s root system been damaged by home construction?
  • Is a large portion of the crown dead or dying?
  • Is the tree a danger to your home or roof?

The tree is dying or dead. Our tree service professional will advise if the whole tree is going to die, or if simply cutting off dead or dying branches will enable the tree to survive.

The tree has been severely damaged or fallen from a storm.

The tree poses a risk to your home, family, business or customers. A tree that has too many dead branches, or is leaning, can later create damage to your property, or your neighbors’ property in which case you can be liable when it falls during a storm. It is best to remove the tree before disaster happens.

Tree roots are creating problems for your foundation, driveway, patio, sidewalk, or lawn.

The tree has a disease or insect infestation. It may be possible to trim or treat the tree to overcome the damage, or we may determine that tree removal is the best option.

The tree is dying or in declining health. We may be able to save it, or removal may be required. Let us help decide during our free tree service quote. If the tree has structural problems, bad crotches, cracks on the trunk or main leaders, interior decay, etc. then tree removal may make sense.

The tree is harming your lawn. Your grass may not be able to grow without enough sunlight or due to too much competition for water with the tree. We may be able to help the grass with tree trimming, but tree removal is sometimes the best solution.

The tree dumps debris that is a nuisance. Too many leaves or pine cones in your swimming pool, or hickory nuts or rotten fruit falling weekly onto your lawn, or an overabundance of leaves falling in October can become a costly maintenance problem. Tree removal can solve this.

The tree has reduced sunlight within your home. That bright, sunny home you enjoyed when you bought it may develop dark, uninviting rooms once a tree matures and blocks the sun.

The tree is too close to your home or building. Branches reaching out close can damage walls or roof shingles or dump large amounts of debris onto a roof, so water doesn’t run off properly and leaks and damage occur.

The tree obscures a view. As trees grow, you may see you home’s value decline because that amazing view from your window, porch or deck is gone. Removing a tree can let you see a mountain, lake, golf course, valley or other scenic vista.

The tree is harming better trees. Sometimes a landscape is over planted with small trees that when fully grown cause problems for each other. Removing undesirable species will enable the trees you wish to survive grown into a more attractive shape and have less competition from undesirable trees.

The tree is threatening power lines, underground utilities, or septic tank. Even when a tree isn’t touching power lines, during wet weather electricity can arc over 10 feet and ground out, causing a power failure or fire. Tree roots can threaten underground water and gas pipes, block drainage pipes or a septic tank.

The tree creates a traffic safety problem. Overgrown trees can obscure a roadway view, or make it difficult to safely pull out of your driveway or parking lot.

Tree removal is needed for new construction: a new home addition, swimming pool, tennis court, garden or lawn area.

Tree Removal Removing Debris

Part of any tree removal or tree cutting job in Cashiers NC is to remove debris. We can also cut your trees we cut down and turn them into Firewood.

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